QuickPro Whitening Varnish

Whiten in 5 Minutes

Philips Zoom! has released a new product that is fast and is the new innovation for our patients! QuickPro whitening varnish is the new whitening that will allow our patients to get noticeably whiter results in minimal time. QuickPro whitening varnish takes just five minutes to apply.

Breakthrough Two-Layer Technology:

The QuickPro whitening varnish uses a break through two-layer technology to whiten teeth four shades. The Philips Zoom QuickPro whitening varnish uses a 20% hydrogen peroxide whitening varnish, which is then followed by an innovative sealant layer that dries in seconds and locks the hydrogen layer in place. The patient doesn’t have to stay in the office, they simply can brush or wipe off the varnish in 30 minutes.

Whitening that’s part of a scheduled visit:

Are you tired of having to come in for a separate visit to have your teeth whitened? The benefit of QuickPro whitening varnish is that any dental appointment can become a whitening appointment as well, especially prophy appointments.  The patient leaves the office after the 5 minute application and simply brushes or wipes off the thin film 30 minutes later.

Professional Whitening Results with little to no sensitivity:

Whitening options can sometimes leave patients with tender or sore gums. QuickPro whitening varnish uses an innovative sealant layer that keeps the whitening varnish from getting onto soft tissues, while the low volume formula leads to virtually no sensitivity.

Interested in Philips Zoom! QuickPro? Ask your hygienist at your next appointment or call our office today!



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Today I had a 2 1/2 hour appointment with Dr. Pete Richards to repair a crown which had come off. In the process he cleaned off the remainder of the old tooth, performed a root canal, built up the old tooth and created a new crown, which was put in place. He along with his staff was highly professional, friendly and did an outstanding job. Frank Sacho, 1/21/2015

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