Dr. Pete is a very special person.  He is so kind and caring.  He treats you with the best care for your dental needs.  I have had two procedures that lasted over 3 hours each.  I had no pain, swelling, or bruising.  His staff is the greatest – they are nice, friendly, and caring.  For the greatest dental care there is only one answer – Dr. Pete Richards!  Joyce Swain, 10/4/2016

My new hygienist, Barbara, was wonderful.  She was excellent and thorough.  Very helpful and made a real effort to be complete!  Many thanks to Dr. R and all the staff!  Orland “O.K.” Johnson, 8/31/2016

I have been a patient at Richards Dental Care for my entire life, and wouldn’t go anywhere else.  This office has always showed professionalism and sincere care for the patients.  Ian Smith, 8/23/2016

Dr. Richards was recommended to me 10 years ago, and I have been very happy with the dental care, service, and attention to detail ever since.  Andrew Tate, 8/11/2016

I must comment on my experience at Richards Dental Care. I have never had a more thorough examination anywhere and at such a reasonable cost.  In addition, I have never encountered such a pleasant, courteous staff.  Everyone greets you with a smile and acts as if they care you’re there.  Great experience.  Cindy Jefferson, 7/31/2016

I have been getting dental care with Dr. Richards for about 15 years.  His hygienist, Kelli, is very thorough when cleaning my teeth.  With receding gums, I need special attention.  She is concerned about my oral health and I highly recommend her.  She is also very personable.  Dinah Fruth, 7/21/2016

I have NEVER had better treatment anywhere than with Dr. Richards. I trust him implicitly!  His staff is outstanding in every respect.  His practice is phenomenal from top to bottom.  I can’t say enough, other than don’t go anywhere else!! Thank you!  Ron Hertwig, 7/19/2016

I always recommend Dr. Richards to my friends.  The care is exceptional but most of all, the staff is amazing.  They go beyond excellence in customer service.  I can’t say enough good things about this place. It’s fantastic!  Diane King, 7/19/2016

My experience with Dr. Richards has been very pleasant.  I have enjoyed working with all of the staff and I am very pleased with my implants.  I especially enjoy working with Hailey.  She is top notch as an assistant.  I have loved my experience here and would refer any of my friends.  James Hascher, 7/11/2016

Dr. Richards is the best!  I knew I had a problem with a tooth for over three years.  Four separate dentists could not find the issue.  Thankfully, Dr. Richards found the problem and fixed it, and my pain/sensitivity finally relieved!  He uses state-of-the-art equipment to find and correct problems early.  PS – Dr. Richards has also been an inspiration to my son who has decided to pursue a career in dentistry!  -Carolyn Tackett 6/30/2016. 

Wonderful, expert care.  Painless rot canal…pleasant as a root canal procedure could be.  –Matthew Hudgins, 6/27/2016.

Hailey, my dental assistant, was very sweet and knew what she was doing.  She is an awesome young lady.  Janice Jarrett, 6/22/2016.

They are very good people.  No problems at all.  I would tell anyone that this is the only place to have dental work done.  Michael Lance 6/22/2016.

I had a routine cleaning with Kelli.  She was very competent, immediately finding a place of decay under an old crown.  She educated me about the seriousness of allowing the decay to continue.  She was professional and knowledgeable.  Consequently, I had my old crown replaced and in the process had further decay removed which prevented future more serious issues.  I am grateful for her competent professionalism.  –Pam Powlas June 20, 2016.  

I am a seasonal resident of Hendersonville who was looking for quality dental care.  I found that in the office of Dr. Pete Richards, and so much more.  I could not believe the amount of time the staff spent researching my out-of-state dental benefits – even before I made an appointment.  While several other dental offices did not even respond to my emails, Summer called my company and then sent me a detailed report on my coverage.  The attention to detail in this office is extraordinary.  My exam was one of the most extensive I have ever had.  Dr. Richards is a true professional.  Kind and compassionate, the entire staff is dedicated to you, the patient.  If you are looking for the best dental care in Hendersonville, look no further!  Gayann O’Neal June 14, 2016

The office is professional, courteous, thorough, and efficient.  Very happy with the treatment.  Jessica, my hygienist, is fabulous at her job.  Barry Brown June 9, 2016

Staff are always friendly and professional.  Michael Murphy June 9, 2016.

Excellent, friendly and professional – explanation of program is easy to understand.  State of the art equipment.  Thank you!  William Woerner June 8, 2016.

When I first came to Richards Dental Care, I had a crown off and decay under my tooth.  I was very nervous, but everyone here put me at complete ease.  I got my crown the same day and felt no pain!  Everyone is friendly and professional, and as for my cleanings, I am very pleased with Jessica!  My husband comes here too and is also very pleased.  Melinda Brumsy, June 8, 20016.  

The staff is very friendly and kind.  Dr. Richards is excellent and gentle.  I have found my experience here to be wonderful.  It’s the best I have found. Rhonda Blackwell, June 1, 2016.

I have been coming to Dr. Richards for a long time.  I feel very good here.  They treat me with respect.  I tell everyone that I know he and his staff are great!  Sharon Jurisica, May 26, 2016.  

My experience with Dr. Pete Richards has been amazing.  The doctors and staff will spoil you!  I have had major problems with my teeth…they do excellent work and they care about you.  Dr. Richards will take care of your pain with your teeth immediately.  Thank you!  I highly recommend trying Pete Richards.  The Angels are definitely watching over this office.  Kathy Bullman, April 26, 2016

Always receive excellent dental care here.  Superb staff and comfortable surroundings.  The very best!  Sharon Ryan, April 18, 2016.

I braced for the drilling and the ear-piercing sound so jarring to my nerves.  I was surprised that the drill is now a low sound easy on the nerves!  I asked Dr. Richards and learned it was a new electric high speed drill….so much better.  Bonnie Dees, March 28, 2016.

It has been great coming to Dr. Richard’s Office.  Staff is great, great environment, and always courteous.  Looks like I found the place where I will always come for my dental visits!!  Victor Antiveros, March 24, 2016

Dr. Richards, you’ve been my dentist now, for what, 15 years?  I always feel I’m in good hands, and your staff is like family.  Eleanor Morgan, March 2, 2016

Absolutely the best dental experience of my lifetime.  The staff provided a pleasant atmosphere that was courteous and professional, yet light and friendly at the same time.  I was so relaxed that at one point during surgery Dr. Richards asked if he had hurt me?  I asked why?  He said I had twitched a little.  I said no, I had fallen asleep momentarily!  John Sheiry, February 23, 2016

Jessica is an excellent Dental Hygienist and I so appreciate the care I receive!  My compliments to the entire staff!     Patricia Haire, February 17, 2016

I had a wonderful experience!  Dr. Richards and Hailey are a great team; they explained everything thoroughly.  Everyone here is so professional.  I could go on and on!  Lois A. Wetmore, January 6, 2016

I am 68 years old and have been scared of the dentist since I was a teenager. I avoided seeing a dentist for many years using every excuse I could find. Some were real, but that was easy because of the fear. Since my recent visit I will never be afraid again. The most pleasant visit to any dentist or for that matter any medical office I have ever been to. I will never be able to forget how caring every member of the office was. I had major work done and was still being checked on by staff and Dr. Richards at 9:30 at night. When I was told that I had entered the world of truly comfortable dentistry I was not sure. I must say, it was all true. The nicest office staff I have ever met. Actually looking forward to my visit for some additional work. Thanks, I wish I had met all of you much sooner.

Joanne Baker, November 01, 2015

A.O. Gel as proved to be a very effective and excellent product.  I highly recommend it!
Ann Kirby, September 15, 2015

Dr. Pete Richards, with the help of Dr. Glenn Shefter, extracted my three remaining bad teeth.  These had been supporting my lower denture plate.  After the gum healing, three implants were installed as the new supports, also enabling a locking function to the plate.  After final adjustments by Dr. Richards, my new supports are better than my original teeth.  I ate my first steak that very same evening.  My utmost gratitude goes to Dr. Richards and his staff for their expertise.  Life is so much better now.
Mort Sleet, September 2015

My name is Douglas Phillips…retired 30 years from the Navy Band in Washington, D.C. – trumpet player.  When my wife and I retired we moved to Hendersonville, NC.  I began teaching brass students as I have done for years and in that work I met Sean Smith, the band director at East Henderson High School.  I asked him to recommend a dentist.  He immediately told me about Dr. Pete Richards and that he was a wonderful dentist whose kids had been in his band at East…great family and community contributor!  We decided to get in touch with Dr. Richards.  During my Navy career I was stationed at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. attached to the White House, and enjoyed the top dentists in the Navy…Several congresspersons actually came there for their dental work.  I have indeed found that Dr. Richards is equal to and surpasses the Navy’s finest dentists.  He has a great “bedside manner” and I immediately was at home.  I am a trumpet player by trade and my lips and mouth are crucial to my continued musical work as a professional performer and teacher.  And now after 7 years I am happy to report my “dental readiness” (as they call it in the Navy) is excellent!  I truly feel I am coming to a friend, not a business, when I come for my check-ups.
Douglas Phillips, September 2015

Dr. Richards and staff are very capable and made my whole experience painless and easier for me to go through a rather lengthy procedure.  His calm demeanor and the explanation of what he was doing, plus state of the art equipment enabled me to be calm as well and for the procedure to be completed in one visit!
Pat Hare, August 10, 2015

I’ve had my teeth cleaned twice a year since I was a small child (and I’m now 59 years old!).  I have to say Gini by far is the best dental hygienist I’ve ever had!
Diane King, August 10, 2015

I had the “Zoom” procedure and I’m so very pleased with the results.  My teeth were at least 5 levels whiter.  It took years of coffee and tea stains away! I have an occupation that I am in that requires a lot of public interaction.  It also deals with image, fashion, and beauty so I’m now happy to represent it!
Patricia McCrary , June 12, 2015

What an amazing experience to watch my “new tooth” (crown) be made and then feel my teeth be truly aligned for the first time in so many years! Wonderful!
Debi Waltz, June 09, 2015

My husband and I were new to the area 9 years ago and feel so fortunate to have chosen Dr. Richards as our dentist. He is the epitome of pain free, advanced dentistry. He and his entire staff are friendly, kind and professional. We have never had to return for adjustments to his work. He seems to always get it right the first time! We are delighted to recommend Dr. Richards to others, without reservation, he is the best dentist either of us has ever had!
Joyce Bobich, May 15, 2015

After meeting Dr. Richards, I was incredibly impressed with his knowledge. I was suffering with teeth effected by enamel loss. My front teeth had shortened and looked terrible. It had been years since I smiled with an open mouth. I was depressed over my teeth. I am a former World Professional Athlete. My appearance is important as I am in -shape fitness trainer. It was embarrassing. My personal photographer called me non-photogenic…till now! Dr. Richards re-created my front teeth so I can now open and smile! I was called “smiley” all through high school. I am now “photogenic” according to my photographer…and back to my very happy self! Thank you Pete Richards for giving me back my old self!! I am indebted!
Jennifer Byrd, April 03, 2015

I am so happy I decided to have the Quick Pro, 5 minute bleaching treatment! So quick, easy and painless. My teeth were much whiter and brighter afterwards.
Julie Culbertson, April 30, 2015

About three years ago, I noticed that my husband was snoring more than usual and had developed an extremely annoying twitch while sleeping called PLMS. It was so disruptive to my sleep, that I usually ended up in the guest bedroom late at night. Once diagnosed with sleep apnea and fitted with an appliance by Dr. Richards, he no longer snores or has PLMS. I can finally sleep with my husband again!
Lynn Huffman, April 30, 2015

Dr. Richards and his office staff have provided terrific care to me. He created my oral appliance which has fit perfectly and has dramatically improved my sleep and eliminates snoring and jerking movements. He and his office have always been pleasantly responsive to my needs. I am thoroughly please with the care that I have received.
Allan Huffman, April 30, 2015

Dr. Richards and his staff are consistently professional, courteous and willing to listen to any concerns or comments that I have had, whether it’s regarding routine care or about more extensive work done, such as my crown and the procedures leading up to it. The office atmosphere is inviting and pleasant, as is the staff! I highly recommend Dr. Richards to anyone seeking quality, meticulous and compassionate care.
Jennifer Armstrong, April 15, 2015

I have a locator attachment and I love it! It makes my partial feel more secure that I forget that these are not my actual teeth. I highly recommend it!
Robbie Ball, April 01, 2015

The hygienist did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth! I don’t think my whole mouth has ever felt so clean! I also think she was very sensitive to my feelings as she “dug around” in their.
 Ronald Metzger, March 26, 2015

To Fellow Dental Patients,

New in the area, with chronic illness, a mouth full of dental problems and many sensitivities, I was concerned about how my situation might be addressed by Dr. Richards. After a thorough examination and a planning session with his team in which Dr. Richards researched Lupus, he explained the impact that the disease and the necessary medications have on the mouth and teeth.

He clearly described the dental issues I faced and he outlined an action plan that would maximize the useful life of my teeth for years to come. Dr. Richards, Summer and I went over the work that needed to be done, broke it down into phases so as not to be overwhelming, both physically and financially, and discussed ways that I can help myself in managing my dental care with the obstacles I face each day.

Unlike ANY dentist I’ve ever been to, Dr. Richards addressed my dental issues in terms of the whole person, including health problems, medications, life style, foods and sleep patterns. We still have additional phases of work to complete, but we’ve had such a successful experience with the work to date that I have no fear in following through with the treatment plan initially outline.

Dr. Richards is a gifted artisan in fashioning crowns that have a natural look and fit. His bite guard is the most comfortable one I’ve ever worn. He’s practical, patient, compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful and nice. These attributes are reflected in his fantastic staff and they work together as a wonderful team. The office is spacious and inviting, and the front office staff are helpful and friendly.

A huge thank you for the outstanding and caring work!

With gratitude and appreciation,
Jana Eshaghian, March 16, 2015

If you are a reluctant patient both Dr. Richards and his entire staff will make you feel comfortable. Everything was explained, including the cost of potential treatment. I’m so glad I found them.
Wilma Pomerantz, 02/26/2015

Today I had a 2 1/2 hour appointment with Dr. Pete Richards to repair a crown which had come off. In the process he cleaned off the remainder of the old tooth, performed a root canal, built up the old tooth and created a new crown, which was put in place. He along with his staff was highly professional, friendly and did an outstanding job.
Frank Sacho, 1/21/2015

Oh, What a Relief It Is”…For years I had been experiencing neck and jaw pain, which interfered with my ability to get to sleep. Recently, I transferred to Dr. Richards’ practice for my dental care. For the first time my neck and jaw pain was addressed. Dr. Richards offered me potential help and he fashioned a mouth appliance which provided immediate pain relief and the ability to get a better nights sleep. It is not a total cure but it is a tremendous and helpful improvement and relief. I am very appreciative. Elizabeth McDonald, 1/19/2015

I recently had four crowns placed on my upper front teeth. Very pleased, not only with the technical work, but also the aesthetic insights Dr. Richards brought to the process. I really like my smile now.
Sally Hall, 11/16/2014

My doctor of 24 years beforehand was completely impassionate. Every time I went to him, it was as if he had never seen me before. I was recommended here by my manicurist. I have never regretted it ever since. Dr. Richards is so compassionate, caring, fun and I know he will not take advantage of me. I appreciate how Dr. Richards’ staff care about the patients and how they care and support Dr. Richards and the practice. I no longer dread coming to the dentist anymore. Dr. Richards has such a pleasant personality and I enjoy his presence.
Jean Cole, 09/17/2014

I am terrified of the Dentist. My white knuckling has been brought about because of several awful dental experiences. Dr. Richards and his staff have made my visits pain free and calm experiences. Everyone in the office has treated me with compassion and understanding for each procedure. I look forward to my next visit with far less fear.
Claudia Hille, 07/28/2014

A visit with Dr. Richards is more than just dental care. The knowledge and skill of Dr. Richards and staff will exceed your expectations. It certainly did mine! Thank you for the care and professionalism you bring to every visit.
Amy Miller, 08/29/2014

Just wanted to say thank you very much for filling my teeth.
Bradley Holloway, 2014

Dear Dr. Pete and staff, We have so much to be grateful for and you all are part of our blessings. Thank you for the ride home, the generous food and Larry’s card. Pete, hope the conference was good and you are safely home.

Dr. Richards and his staff changed my attitude about how dental care can be a pleasant experience, after years of negative prior experiences. He and his caring staff took into consideration my extenuating neurological conditions and took great care to avoid triggering issues that overlap with dental care. I can’t express enough my appreciation to Dr. Richards and miss the staff since I relocated to a new area.
Jonathan, 08/21/2014

When I read the piece in the newspaper a few weeks ago, I was very happy and proud to say, you are my dentist. It is great of you to share your time and knowledge with those who need your help in our county.
Marilyn Speed, 08/10/2014

Just a note to thank you for the gift card for “referring a new patient.” What a surprise when we returned to Flat Rock from Florida to find it in our mail box. Sorry for the delay between you sending and me returning a Thank You. I was thrilled to have found you both through my Florida dentist and your friend Scott Kuhns. I now have a wonderful dentist in both places. How fortunate can a person be! You were so quick and competent to solve my dental problem. Your office and personnel immediately made me feel comfortable, as if I were a very special person. That is a compliment to you that reflects the personality of you both. Again, many Thanks.
Mrs. Duvall, 08/13/2014

We have been so blessed to be patients of Dr. Richards and his staff. Being missionaries in Haiti we don’t have access to quality dental care. We are so blessed and encouraged by our entire experience here at Dr. Richards’ office. We can’t thank them enough for all that they do for us!
Kristie Runk 07/16/2014

My first impression of this dental office was the friendliness of all the gals that work there. They make you feel right at home and very relaxed. They are all a great crew and seem to be a solid family and have much respect for each other. Great to meet you’ll!
Lori L. 04/04/2014

Dear Dr. Richards, April is National Volunteer Month and I just want to say thank you for the service you provide our patients. We are so grateful to have you as part of our team. We couldn’t do what we do without you! With much appreciation, The Free Clinics!

I have always had a big fear of a dentists, but after the second visit I feel very comfortable with Dr. Richards. And he truly cares about his patients and their comfort. Thank you for the care you have given.
Andrea Stone 04/24/2014

I can’t say enough good things about the excellent dental care I have received during the years I have been a patient of Dr. Richards. At my first visit to his office, I was concerned that there would be little hope of reversing the damage from dental neglect on my part. Dr. Richards, however, had a more positive outlook and proceeded to not only salvage my teeth, but to also start me on a scheduled maintenance plan. All subsequent procedures have been successful and entirely pain free! My thanks to Dr. Richards, to the professional and caring technicians and to Anna, my hygienist, who does such a great job and to the friendly, helpful office staff who always put you at ease. Thanks to all of you, a trip to the dentist is always a pleasant experience.
Martha Mintz

Hi, my name is Lori and I am here to tell you todays  experience with Dr. Pete Richards was Awesome! I have gone to many dentists over the years and have seen many “frogs” before I met “The Prince”. From exam to 3 hours in the chair getting all my lower teeth prepared for a fixed bridge; including injections of Novocain ( that I’m deathly afraid of) and extraction I can honestly say it was painless and very expertly done. I am anxious to see the finished bridge as the temporary looks great.  There was no after effects after all that work, so thank you all. Pete, great job, well done.
Lori LaFave, 04/04/2014

My hygienist Pam did my assessment along with Dr. Richards. She was professional, educating me along the way about gum disease and its prevention. She was very interested in my comfort level during the procedure. It was a good experience since it had to be done. P.S. All personnel at the front desk are very friendly and make you feel welcome. I also did the “Whitening for Life”, which has made me much happier about my teeth and well worth it’s cost. Which, I thought was reasonable to begin with. Thank you to all of you!
Pat Philpot

The snore guard has changed my life! I can again sleep in the same bed as my wife. I no longer snore and wake her up, and I feel more rested each morning!

Try the Isodry! Best dental experience I have ever had. The Isodry keeps you from gaging and really speeds up the procedure. Less time in the chair is always a plus.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Richards and all of his staff. They not only do a FABULOUS job, but they truly do care! I have felt welcome in this office from my very first and highly recommend them to anyone!
Debbie Rhodes

Dr. Richards and his staff have gone the extra mile to protect and save my teeth and gums. I can not imagine going anywhere else for my dental care. It would be hard for me to believe that I could get the friendly, personal and professional care anywhere else.
W. Jay Merrill

Finding Dr. Richards’ office when we moved here in 2008 was a true blessing. He is passionate about his work and is constantly keeping in the flow of continuing education. The atmosphere of his office and his staff is a testimonial to itself. He is truly a servant leader in his field. I have found over the years that dentist are in a position to diagnose more than what was considered routine dentistry in the past. Dr. Richards’ office are prepared to educate, assist with diagnoses and offer the treatment options that best suit the patient. And lately that has meant working with my pulmonary doctor to assist with the latest in treatment options for my OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). I had no idea snoring and poor sleep patterns had such a dangerous impact on my heart. Although, the CPAP is still the “Gold Standard”, I have now been made aware that an oral appliance is an option for me. Dr. Richards and his staff have provided me the education and follow-up after having my custom appliance now in use for several months. It has been an easy transition to this type option and the follow-up monitoring with oxygen saturation and questionnaires has proved it a successful treatment option for me. Just like other modalities for other problems, it may not be an option for all. But having the professionalism and integrity of a fine dentist in our area has made it all possible.
Thank you all for your care that you give to your patients.

Rhonda Hertwig 01/15/2014

Many years between my dental visits, but I began with Dr. Richards in August 2012. Very impressed with care. His staff are great. Since my initial visit, I have followed regular visits and am pleased with my progress.
Harold Nolan, 01/08/2014

Very nice service, love this visit!
Existing Patient, 01/08/2014

Fantastic, Friendly crew…As Always!!
Richards Dobler, 01/08/2014

I am a happy patient who would recommend my dentist and his excellent staff to everyone. Thank you Dr. Richards for not only being professional, but most of all being my friend. I look forward to a visit with my dentist.
DMB, 01/07/2014

Everyone in the office  was wonderful, very accommodating and friendly.
Barbara Yaeger, 11/14/2013

Anyone who choses Dr. Pete and his staff could not be in better hands for all your dental needs. They are fantastic! They are always friendly, kind and pleasant.
Joyce Swain, 11/11/2013

Thank you Dr. Richards for helping me overcome my fear of Dentist and Dentist chairs. I always thought if I could sit in a kitchen chair, I would feel more relaxed. You had me in your chair and you made me feel like I was going to be OK. You did so many extractions, I felt no pain and had very little bleeding and I thank you for that, and best of all you have a great staff with you. My lucky day was when my son Sal took me into your office. Again thank you and most of all God Bless.
With many thanks, Vita Milanese

Trust, security and respectful treatment with expertise in a state of the art dental practice has been our experience of fifteen years plus with Dr. Pete Richards and his staff. We are grateful patients.
Patient, 10/05/2013

During the months of September, October and November 2013 I had specific cosmetic dental work performed by Dr. Pete Richards and his well- trained staff. The specific procedures (in lay terms) were: upper bridge and lower crowns. During each of the 5-6 office visits there was no delay. Each member of the staff was well prepared and each step proceeded smoothly. Now, at almost age 82 I have that “Million- Dollar Smile” I had always wished for. It would seem entirely appropriate to me if a sign be posted on Dr. Richards’ wall, to wit, “Silence Please, Artist at Work”.
A Happy Patient, Roy Whitmire

We love going to Dr. Richards office. The staff, atmosphere and friendliest is great. We have our work done here rather than in Florida. Thank you, Dr. Richards and Staff.
Betty Karras

You guys are truly the BEST! I leave feeling like I’ve been pampered at the spa! 🙂 Thank you for being so considerate of your patients!
Rachel Stein via Facebook

I now get a full night’s sleep! For many years I was awakened because I could tell that my husband had stopped breathing – I would count and if I got to “15” I would jab him in the ribs and he would ‘catch his breath’ and go on sleeping, never remembering I had done this. Now he sleeps soundly and is full of energy in the morning, all due to the initial screening and referral from Dr. Richards’ office which led to his sleep apnea diagnosis.
ELR, Flat Rock

I have always had a terrible fear of dental procedures, even just routine cleaning and evaluations. This has changed greatly since choosing Dr. Pete Richards for our family dentist. Dr. Richards and his whole staff are highly skilled and professional people. However what most impresses me and makes my dental visits possible is the way I am treated. I always feel so well cared for, my fears so calmed, and I am able to relax and be comfortable during a procedure. I greatly appreciate the way everything is explained clearly and carefully and especially the way my comfort is high priority. Thanks! –
Teresa Kennedy, 08/20/2013

I seriously considered dentures upon learning I needed 5 teeth removed. I am so glad I choose caps instead. My mouth and smile look young again, a good investment. I am happy and very satisfied with the high quality of care, dentistry, and professionalism. Dr. Richards explained every step in advance, the dental hygienist and office staff are excellent, and friendly.
Suka Chapel Horst

Amazing- Noticed less pain next day and none thereafter!
Patient, 08/15/2013

I want to thank you for the terrific job that you did on my veneers. Your cheerful professionalism inspired confidence. Your insistence on the right fit and look have enabled me to smile without feeling self conscious-better yet, with confidence! Your staff were terrific throughout. And to top it off, you’ve given me my new favorite gadget- I love the electric toothbrush! Heaps of thanks and gratitude. – June 20, 2013

My wife, Becky, and I have been patients of Dr. Richards for over a decade. In that time
he has shown himself to be the ultimate professional. He is always abreast of the latest
technology, and never fails to utilize it when the need arises. We feel confident that
he will always provide us with the most caring, prompt, and comprehensive dentistry that
can possibly found. And, he buys my books! What more can you ask of a dentist? He’s more than a dentist; he’s a friend.
Joe Perrone Jr
Author of the Matt Davis Mystery Series


Dr. Pete Richards and Staff are caring and friendly, professional and understand how you
feel. They know how to make you feel comfortable, pain free, promptness and will work with you financially. I have had everything done to my teeth from fillings, periodontal surgery, crown and root canals. I am very fortunate to have someone like Dr. Pete Richards for taking excellent care of my teeth. Thank you for caring.

When I moved to Henderson County from New York City in 2003, I was fortunate to find
a new dentist, Dr. Pete Richards. Dr. Richards and his staff are exceedingly competent,
courteous and caring and I feel completely at ease when they are treating me. I appreciate
the fact that they call me to see how I feel after a difficult procedure. Dr. Richards
practice uses state of the art equipment and techniques. I never thought that dental appointment could be so relaxing.
Carl Palange

Having been patients of Dr. Richards for a number of years we are probably
over qualified to comment on his dental practice. We moved to the area 10 years ago bringing with us MANY dental challenges from the past (I have a long history of crowns, bridges and root canals and my wife, now 63, still has four baby teeth). When asking a local doctor who he would recommend we started down the road of dental care with Dr. Richards and his staff. Not only were they able to develop a comprehensive dental plan for us, but they improved our focus on preventive care. The entire office staff is very professional in dealing with their patients, yet make you feel at ease and comfortable when you visit them.
Jim & Suzie Grow

I have been a patient of Dr. Richards since he came to Hendersonville and
not only is he a “Great” Dentist but he and Jan have become good friends. I can describe Pete’s skill in three words, “Simply the Best”. Thanks Pete for all you have done not only for me but for many of my friends.
Bob Carter

We have relocated over a dozen times during our marriage. It didn’t take
long for us to realize that it was very important to carefully check out two particular
types of health care providers in each new location; these were, of course, our dentist
and primary physician. We usually spent several weeks or even months asking everyone we met for recommendations before settling on our choices. Even then we sometimes were disappointed. When we moved to Hendersonville in 2004 we purchased our home from a retired physician and his wife. They were extremely helpful in providing a list of just about any type of service provider you could imagine. For the first time ever this included both a dentist and primary care physician, both of whom they raved about. We began as patients of Dr. Pete Richards shortly thereafter. After seven years of care by Dr. Richards and his wonderful staff we could not be more pleased. We can absolutely without reservations recommend this wonderful dentist to anyone.
Mike and Sandy Tower, Hendersonville NC

Thank you for doing such fine work with so much to contend with! Here’s
my testimonial… In all my 74 years I’ve never had better and such quality care -5 star care I’d call it! Your exam: identifying trouble spots and x-rays and photos; giving clean and hopeful explanations of treatment plans, etc. – great! You and your staff are caring, encouraging, well-educated in dentistry and make me comfortable at each visit. The explanations, answering questions and instructions are so appreciated- even the initial appointment and follow up calls are professional and appreciated. All these things point to a dental team I can TRUST – can’t wait for my “complete smile” soon!
Thank you and God Bless, Carol Jemison

My husband and I have been patients at Dr. Richards’ office since 2005.  We
have been very pleased with the doctor’s care as well as his welcoming and talented
staff.  His office is truly updated and state of the art, with new techniques constantly
being implemented.  We actually now enjoy going to the dentist!  The atmosphere
from the moment one enters the reception room is of comfort and ease.  Everyone’s
effort to ensure this is greatly appreciated and appears quite genuine.  Referring
others to the dentist is now a pleasure.
Liz Propst, Arden, NC

My wife and I’ve gone to Pete Richards now for almost 16 years. Like a good auto mechanic or prudent homeowner, Dr. Richards believes in preventive maintenance. Thanks to him and his competent staff – from Summer at the reception desk, to hygienist Anna Marie, to the unnamed assistants who help with restorations – my dental health has greatly improved: no more bleeding gums, no additional recession and, I hope, no more fillings! I take personal responsibility for my improved dental health, only because of his instruction and oversight. I really appreciate Dr. Richards’ philosophy: helping you get a good report rather than scheduling you for something beyond a cleaning!
Paul (and Leone)

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Today I had a 2 1/2 hour appointment with Dr. Pete Richards to repair a crown which had come off. In the process he cleaned off the remainder of the old tooth, performed a root canal, built up the old tooth and created a new crown, which was put in place. He along with his staff was highly professional, friendly and did an outstanding job. Frank Sacho, 1/21/2015

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