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Before Image Before ImageWe offer in-office one-step Zoom! Bleaching. This produces superior results with immediate color changes as compared to the less successful over the counter type of bleaching. The industry standard Zoom! Gel is used in conjunction with the Zoom! Light. The gel slowly penetrates your teeth, breaking up stains and discolorations. Over time, one’s teeth will often darken or yellow, due to dietary choices of coffee and tea, tobacco use, and one’s reactions of medications. Give our office a call so that we could discuss whether you will benefit from using one of our teeth whitening procedures, including the Zoom!

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Today I had a 2 1/2 hour appointment with Dr. Pete Richards to repair a crown which had come off. In the process he cleaned off the remainder of the old tooth, performed a root canal, built up the old tooth and created a new crown, which was put in place. He along with his staff was highly professional, friendly and did an outstanding job. Frank Sacho, 1/21/2015

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